Social Responsibility

Zara Tours is not just a tour company; it is a beacon of social responsibility in the tourism industry. Through its various initiatives, Zara Tours has demonstrated a commitment to supporting local communities, preserving the environment, and promoting sustainable tourism development.
Committed to Social Responsibility

and Conservation Efforts


Zara Tours’ commitment to social responsibility and conservation efforts reflects the company’s dedication to preserving Tanzania’s natural beauty and empowering local communities. By partnering with organizations like the Kilimanjaro Porter Society and Zara Charity, Zara Tours plays a vital role in driving positive change and fostering a healthier, more sustainable future for the region. 

Kilimanjaro Porter Society: Supporting Local Workforce

To address the challenges faced by porters working on Mount Kilimanjaro, Zara Tours established the Mount Kilimanjaro Porter Society (MKPS). KPS advocates for fair wages, improved working conditions, and increased awareness of porter rights. As part of its mission, MKPS organizes workshops and seminars aimed at educating porters about their rights and responsibilities, fostering a safer and more equitable work environment

Zara Charity: Empowering Communities

Founded in 2008, Zara Charity focuses on improving the lives of disadvantaged children and families living around Mount Kilimanjaro. By investing in educational programs, healthcare initiatives, and community development projects, Zara Charity strives to create long-lasting change and foster a brighter future for those in need.

Environmental Cleaning Initiatives

Recognizing the importance of protecting Tanzania's fragile ecosystems, Zara Tours actively supports environmental cleanup efforts. By encouraging tourists to participate in tree planting initiatives and waste management programs, Zara Tours helps preserve the region's natural beauty and reduce human impact on the environment.

Local Foods, Local Guides, and Porters

Zara Tours promotes the use of locally sourced produce and ingredients, supporting small businesses and farmers in the region. Furthermore, Zara Tours employs local guides and porters, providing job opportunities and helping to strengthen the local economy.

Sustainable Environmental Practices

To minimize its carbon footprint and promote sustainable tourism development, Zara Tours implements a series of green initiatives. These include reducing energy consumption, using renewable energy sources, and implementing waste reduction and recycling program

Using Recycled Bottles

One innovative way Zara Tours reduces plastic pollution is by collecting used bottles along Mount Kilimanjaro trails and repurposing them into souvenirs sold at the company's gift shops. Not only does this initiative raise awareness about the negative impacts of single-use plastics, but it also generates income for local artisans and empowers them to develop creative solutions to environmental problems.